June 17, 2011

soal UTS B.Inggris 7.1

I. Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tapat dengan cara memberi tanda silang (x) pada huruf a, b, c, atau d pada lembar jawaban yang tersedia !

1. Dede : “Hi Alma, how are you?”
Ali : “…………………………………”
a. I’m fine,thanks. c. She is fine.
b. You are welcome. d. How are you?
2. Hello, I am Bonny. She is Clara. We …………teacher.
a. Is c. Are
b. Were d. Am
3. Sinta : “Alright Seno, don’t forget to come to my party”
Seno : “OK. I’ll be there Sinta. See you tomorrow
a. Good bye c. Bye
b. Good night d. See you
4. Koen : “I’m Koen, and you?”
Sean : “I’m Sean, How do you do?”
Koen : “……………………………………..”
a. Nice to meet you c. How do you do
b. I never meet you d How is your life?
5. These ……………….two pencils.
a. Are c. Were
b. Is d. Am
6. Elisha : “Hi. I’m Elisha.”
Rico : “Hi, I’m Rico. Can you ………..your name?”
Elisha : “E-L-I-S-H-A”
a. Say c. Spend
b. Spell d. Read
7. Rhiza : “Excuse me, could you bring me some sauce, please.”
Waiter : ”With pleasure.”
Where is the dialog take place?
a. Laboratory c. Restaurant
b. Library d. Office
8. What does the symbol mean?
a. Don’t enter the room c. We are not allowed to talk
b. We are not allowed to smoke d. Don’t turn back
9. This ....................umbrella.
a. Is an c. Are a
b. Is a d. Are an
10. Librarian: “ quite, please. Your friend is reading ”
Students: “Ok. I’m sorry.”
Where is the dialog take place?
a. In the laboratory c. In the canteen
b. In the library d. In the museum

For questions number 11-12
Reki : “what would you like?”
Bush : “I like a Chicken Barbeque, please.”
Reki : “And what would you like to drink?”
Bush : “well, I’d like to drink an orange juice.”

11. What is Bush order to eat?
a. Chicken barbeque c. Fried chicken
b. Potato barbeque d. Fried rice
12. Who order the orange juice?
a. Reki c. Waiter
b. Bush d. Reki and Bush
Let me introduce myself. My name is Aminah. I am a student. I live with my family. My father’s name is Mr. Achmad. My mother’s name is Mrs. Khotijah. We live at Abdurrahman street 2th Semarang. I have two brother. They are Zaenal and Yusuf. Zaenal is the first child, Yusuf is the second child and I am the third child. Zaenal is a student of SMP 9 and Yusuf is a student of SMP 29. We are happy family.

13. The writer’s name is…………….
a. Aminah c. Achmad
b. Khotijah d. Yusuf
14. What is she ?
a. Student c. Secretary
b. Teacher d. Doctor
15. Who is the writer’s father name ?
a. Aminah c. Achmad
b. Khotijah d. Yusuf
16. Who is the first child ?
a. Yusuf c. Khotijah
b. Zaenal d. Achmad
17. Where do they live ?
a. Abdurrahman steet 2th Semarang c. Abdurrahman street 4th Semarang
b. Abdurrahman street 3th Semarang d. Abdurrahman street 5th Semarang
18. She ……………to school together
a. go c. went
b. goes d. gone
19. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,………...., and …………
a. Wednesday, Friday c. Sunday, Friday
b. Wednesday, Saturday d. Wednesday, Thursday
20. There………… some book on the table
a. Is d. Was
b. Are e. Were

II. Answer these following questions based of the text!
a. 1 package of Nutrijell
b. 100 g of sugar
c. 400 ml water
a. Mix well jelly powder with 100 g of sugar or according to taste.
b. Pour the mixture into 400ml of water, stir it till dissolved and boil.
c. Turn off the flame, add fruity acid and stir well.
d. Pour the solution into jelly mould.

1. What is the text talking about?
2. How many kinds of materials do you need to make “Nutrijell”?
3. How much water we need to make a “Nutrijell”?
III. Change these sentences into negative and interrogative !

4. They go to school together every day.
5. Anita walks to library twice a week.

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